Smile Rejuvenation with Teeth Whitening

A bright white smile is a great accessory that communicates friendliness and poise. A whiter smile is the perfect thing to wear to a presentation for hundreds of business associates or for an audience of one on a first date. And one of the safest and most effective ways to achieve the radiant, natural-looking white smile you desire with a minimal investment of time is through professional teeth whitening at our Shreveport cosmetic dentistry practice, serving Keithville, Minden, Bossier City, Stonewall, and surrounding communities.

Unfortunately, our smiles are not always as white as they could be. A variety of beverages and foods can leave the teeth yellow, discolored, and dull. Whether you rely on a morning coffee to rev your engine or indulge in a cola for a midday energy boost, over time habitual consumption of these products can transform a bright smile you are proud of into a smile you keep hidden from the rest of the world. Other external factors like tobacco use and red wine consumption only exacerbate the problem leaving teeth discolored and yellow.

Even if you observe the best oral hygiene practices and avoid teeth staining food and beverage, the normal progression of aging can rob your teeth of their luster over time. At Cormier Family Dentistry, we offer you the chance to reclaim a bright and white smile through a take home teeth whitening system designed to safely and effectively lighten tooth color several shades and remove persistent discoloration and stains.

For further information about how professional teeth whitening can transform your smile, please contact Cormier Family Dentistry today.

Why Professional Teeth Whitening?

It’s no secret that the oral hygiene market is flooded with products like whitening toothpastes, rinses and strips designed to brighten teeth. While many of these products do whiten teeth, many patients find the results disappointing. Pastes and rinses are better suited to keeping your smile bright over time. Whitening strips and other whitening systems offer more immediate results, but are generic in their approach to whitening and often do not whiten the smile to the desired shade.

Dental professionals such as Drs. Adam and Jana Cormier recognize that every set of teeth is unique. Using custom fitted take home whitening trays, we are able to ensure that your trays fit closely against your teeth ensuring that the hydrogen peroxide solution remains sealed onto your teeth during whitening. This mitigates evaporation of the gel, which can lead to inferior results. We are also able to calibrate your treatment to help you achieve your desired results. While over the counter products offer a one size fits all approach to whitening, our take home system takes into account your individual tooth shade, shape and discoloration. We can also address anticipated sensitivity that may occur as a result of treatment as well as take into account any fillings, dental crowns, dental implants, or other restorations that might be affected by the whitening process.

What is treatment like?

We will take a mold of your mouth and provide you with a tray and hydrogen peroxide based gel to fill the trays. Patients wear the tray for one to two hours every day. The length of treatment will be designed to meet your individual whitening needs, but generally patients use their tray for about a week. Results are immediately noticeable at the end of treatment. Some patients do experience tooth sensitivity as a result of treatment.

Learn More about Professional Teeth Whitening

Don’t hide your smile because you’re self-conscious about yellow or discolored teeth! The teeth whitening process at our Shreveport practice is simple and convenient. Contact Cormier Family Dentistry today to set up an appointment or call us at 318-868-4072.

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