Dental Bonding & White Fillings

Cavities, small cracks, discoloration and mild gaps between the teeth all are fixable with a simple dental bonding procedure at our Shreveport practice, Cormier Family Dentistry. Dental bonding with white fillings is an easy way to conceal flaws in a cosmetically appealing way, while also providing protection for mildly damaged teeth.

At Cormier Family Dentistry, we are happy to provide our patients with attractive, durable white fillings and dental bonding. The dental bonding procedure is quick and cost-effective, requiring only a brief appointment to apply the bonding material. Patients emerge from treatment with healthy-looking, rejuvenated smiles after just a single visit.

If you are interested in learning more about how you might benefit from dental bonding with white fillings, please contact Cormier Family Dentistry in Shreveport, serving Bossier City, Minden, Stonewall, Keithville, and surrounding communities throughout Louisiana.

Could I benefit from dental bonding with white fillings?

Dental bonding is used to correct a variety of minor tooth problems. The most common bonding procedure is used to fill cavities to protect the tooth and prevent the decay from growing more severe. Dental bonding may also be used to correct minor chips, small cracks, and even discoloration. We recommend tooth colored fillings to preserve the overall appearance of the smile.

Dental bonding is best used to correct minor flaws in the teeth–for more extensive smile makeovers, alternative treatments such as dental crowns may be recommended. If you are interested in dental bonding as a cosmetic dentistry solution, take time at your next preventive check-up to learn which procedures might be right for you.

What is the dental bonding procedure like?

After applying a local anesthetic, one of our dentists will gently scuff the surface of the tooth to prepare it for the bonding material. If desired, this process can be performed while the patient is under sedation. Once the tooth is prepared, the dentist will apply the tooth bonding material to the tooth to cover or fill the cavity, repair the chip or crack, or cover discoloration. In the case of cavities, additional drilling may be used to remove decay. The tooth bonding material is then cure with a special light. Once the curing process is complete, the white filling will be buffed to match the shine of the natural enamel.

As with most dental procedures, there is typically mild soreness once a filling has been applied. We recommend a mild, over the counter painkiller like ibuprofen if you experience soreness. However this pain quickly subsides on its own. With proper care, white fillings may last up to six years.

While fillings comprised of metal amalgam are also available to fill cavities, we strongly recommend patients seek white fillings when repairing cavities, especially in the front facing teeth. Patients enjoy more satisfaction with white fillings that match the color of the rest of their teeth. Metal fillings are durable, but most patients find the cosmetic interruption to their smiles to be undesirable over time.

Learn More about Dental Bonding with White Fillings

If you are in need of dental bonding to fill a cavity or to conceal a crack or chip, or if you are interested in the cosmetic possibilities of tooth-colored dental fillings, we invite you to contact Cormier Family Dentistry in Shreveport to set-up an appointment. Our office may also be reached at 318-868-4072.We would be happy to schedule an initial consultation, during which one of our esteemed dentists will thoroughly evaluate your teeth and discuss your options for treatment.

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