Dental Bridges

While it may be easy to recognize the cosmetic impact of missing teeth, those who undergo extractions or lose teeth due to trauma or poor oral health also risk continued damage to their remaining teeth if the gaps created by the missing teeth are left untreated. There are many solutions available to reinforce the structure of the mouth while also creating a more complete smile. Among the most effective and time tested of these solutions are dental bridges, available at our Shreveport dental practice, Cormier Family Dentistry.

Dental bridges are a great option for the replacement of missing teeth. Dental bridges use the existing teeth to create a bridge that crosses the area where teeth are missing, restoring both form and function to the mouth. At Cormier Family Dentistry, we are happy to discuss the options available to our Shreveport patients.

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What are dental bridges?

Dental bridges use your existing teeth to provide support for a bridge that helps restore the structure and form of the missing teeth. The bridge connects the teeth while a pontic replaces the missing tooth.

What is the process like?

To create a dental bridge, your existing teeth will be made into abutments to which the bridge will be attached via dental crowns. Your existing teeth will be re-contoured so that they may act as a base for the bridge. A model of your mouth will be used to create a bridge that will properly fit; if it is necessary to send your model to the lab for production, a temporary bridge will be provided in the interim.

Once the permanent bridge is created, we will place it on the abutments and use an adhesive to affix the bridge permanently. Adjusting to your new bridge may take some time; however, most patients find they are able to acclimate within a few days. Once accustomed to the new bridge, patients enjoy the ability to eat and speak normally once again.

Patients with dental bridges must take special care to brush and clean the bridgework to preserve the quality and integrity of the bridge.

Am I a good candidate for a bridge?

Dental bridges are recommended for those who have lost one or more teeth. In some cases patients with strong jawbones might prefer to anchor their dental bridges to dental implants rather than attaching them to their natural teeth. In cases in which a single tooth is missing, it may be possible to replace it with one implant-supported dental crown. Every patient has different needs. If you wish to replace a missing tooth or teeth, we recommend setting up a consultation appointment so we may review your oral health and discuss the best options available to you. We can also discuss the possibility of using oral conscious sedation or another form of sedation dentistry during your appointment.

If you are a missing a tooth or teeth, we strongly recommend that you seek dental correction to replace the structure and function of the missing tooth or teeth. Missing teeth often have a ripple effect throughout the mouth that causes the teeth to shift, damages the bite, and increases the risk of damage and decay to the surrounding teeth. These factors can even lead to the loss of additional teeth.

Learn More about Dental Bridges

Prompt attention to missing teeth can help prevent future oral health issues. If you would like to learn more about replacing a missing tooth or missing teeth with a dental bridge, please call our Shreveport office at 318-868-4072 or contact Cormier Family Dentistry through our website. We proudly serve communities throughout Louisiana, including Bossier City, Minden, Stonewall, and Keithville.

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