Whether the result of trauma, the passage of time, or poor oral health, patients who experience the loss of multiple teeth are confronted with dramatic challenges including impediments to eating, speaking, and smiling. Dentures provide a time-tested solution to replace missing teeth and restore function to the mouth. At Cormier Family Dentistry, we are committed to providing the best quality dentures to patients of our Shreveport dental practice.

If you are missing multiple teeth, and you would like to find out how you could benefit from custom dentures customized to fit comfortably in your mouth, please contact Cormier Family Dentistry today.

What kind of dentures do I need?

Dentures replace missing teeth with a removable appliance that both restores the appearance of a full set of teeth as well as the functional ability lost as a result of missing teeth. Each individual denture patient’s needs are different, which is why we offer a variety of denture solutions.

Full dentures are necessary when all of the natural teeth have are absent from the mouth, whereas patients with limited tooth loss may only require partial dentures.

Conventional full dentures are installed at our Shreveport office once the tissues of the mouth have completely healed after extraction of the teeth. The full healing process may take several months. During this healing period, conventional denture patients do not have teeth.

Unlike conventional full dentures, immediate full dentures are placed subsequent to the removal of the teeth based on measurements taken prior to removal. Immediate full dentures allow patients the benefits of teeth as their gum tissue heals. Patients who choose this particular option will need to return to the dentist to have the appliance adjusted once healing has fully completed to compensate for changes in the mouth and jaw.

Patients who only have a few teeth removed may opt for partial dentures. A partial denture functions similarly to a bridge, replacing teeth in the spaces left empty by removal. However, a partial denture is fully removable, where a bridge is permanent.

Both full and partial dentures can be attached to dental implants for the most secure and stable support available.

Adjusting to Dentures

All dentures feature a flesh-toned base that fits over the gum line and is affixed with a temporary adhesive. Wearing the appliance takes time to adjust to. Patients must acclimate to the bulk of their new restorations. Often they need to spend time adapting how they speak or eat as a result of the new appliance.

Proper care of your dentures is essential to maintaining both the health of your mouth and the integrity of your appliance. Regular brushing of the apparatus to remove plaque and food particles is necessary. Patients typically remove their dentures at night and place them in lukewarm water or a denture cleaning solution. If adjustments need to be made to improve changes in fit over time, Dr. Adam Cormier or Dr. Jana Cormier will need to make the adjustments to help improve the fit and function of the appliance as self-adjustment can cause damage and impact the integrity of the bite.

Learn More about Custom Dentures

If you require dentures to replace missing or extracted teeth, contact Cormier Family Dentistry to set up an appointment at our Shreveport office. You can also call us at 318-868-4072. We will spend time discussing your options with you and take time to ensure that your dentures are a good fit. We proudly serve patients from throughout Louisiana, including such communities as Bossier City, Minden, Stonewall, and Keithville.

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