Extraction Site Preservation

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While the extraction of teeth is recommended as a treatment for a variety of dental concerns ranging from impacted wisdom teeth to gum disease, tooth extraction also requires consideration for the space left behind once a tooth is removed. In some cases if structures are not replaced at the extraction site the jawbone may degenerate and even change shape as the mouth heals. This deformation can cause the teeth to shift, which often leads to more dental concerns. Your ability to eat and speak may be affected and changes to the jaw structure may even lead to the loss of more teeth.

Drs. Adam & Jana Cormier are experienced with tooth extraction and its after effects. While wisdom tooth extraction typically does not require any additional appliance or restoration because of the location at the back of the mouth, extractions undertaken for other reasons almost always require additional implementation of a restoration. They will help walk you through your options when getting an extraction to help you determine the best method of extraction site preservation to meet your needs.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are among the sturdiest options available to patients. A dental implant consists of a surgically implanted root, typically comprised of titanium. A ceramic tooth designed to match the rest of your teeth in both shape and color is installed on the new root. Dental implants are sturdy and effective at preserving the overall structure of the mouth. Candidates for dental implants must have healthy and sturdy jaws to support the implant.

Dental Bridge

A dental bridge may also be used to replace existing teeth. A dental bridge offers a little more support than a dental implant and is particularly effective in cases where more than one tooth is extracted from the gums. A dental bridge should be placed prior to teeth shifting. A dental bridge may also be used in conjunction with a dental implant to provide increased structural support.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are a completely removable option when more than one tooth must be extracted. While they do not offer the same structural integrity as a dental bridge, partial dentures can help keep the jaw and bite in alignment while restoring the function of teeth for chewing and speaking.

Maintaining the integrity of the structure of your teeth post tooth extraction is essential to maintaining excellent oral health one a tooth/teeth has been removed. Take time prior to extraction to discuss your options with your dentist. It is important to weigh the benefits of each appliance and understand the effect your choice will have on the health of your mouth long term.

At Cormier Family Dentistry we are happy to offer guided assistance when making these difficult dental choices. If you are in need of a tooth extraction and have questions about the preservation of the extraction site, please give us a call to set-up an appointment for evaluation and discussion. Our Shreveport office telephone number is 318-868-4072.

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