Protective Mouth Guards

in Shreveport

At Cormier Family Dentistry we spend a lot of time on the treatment and prevention of oral health concerns that develop inside the oral cavity. However, often dangers to your smile come from external forces. Nowhere is this risk greater than in contact sports.

Fortunately mouth guards provide an extra layer of protection against trauma to the mouth caused by contact on the court or field. Most participants in contact sports are required to wear mouth guards as part of their protective gear. Participants in contact sports including football, hockey, lacrosse, wrestling, basketball and soccer as well as sports with risk of injury like softball and baseball often use protective mouth guards to protect against trauma. Protective mouthguards help protect against structural damage to the teeth, while also guarding against bites to your cheeks tongue, and lips. In some cases, mouth guards have even demonstrated the capacity to decrease concussion risk.

Why should I invest in a custom protective mouth guard?

There are a lot of low priced, boil and bite type mouthguards available through sporting gear stores. However, these mouth guards are of varying quality and do not always provide the kind of fit truly necessary to protect the teeth. Sometimes they are bulky, ill fitting, and can even make it difficult to breathe. These mouthguards can impede your athletic performance and they might not even be offering you the level of protection to your teeth you expect. The best kind of mouth guard is one that the athlete will actually wear because it fits comfortably and does not impede performance.

What is the mouth guard appointment like?

The best available mouth guards are those provided under the supervision of your dentist. At Cormier Family Dentistry we help match athletes with mouthguards that are custom fit and offer superior protection. A custom mouth guard created specifically for you provides you with increased comfort and and fit. Shaped with a thin plastic that is molded to fit snugly to your teeth, the mouth guards we offer are made with protection of your mouth in mind. The thinness of the material allows you to breathe easily and communicate with your teammates. However, this thin material is also remarkably durable and strong.

When you are getting your gear bag together for the new season, please contact us to discover the benefits of a custom designed mouth guard. We work with many Shreveport area athletes to provide them with the apex of protection. Don’t risk your smile to a cheap and ill-fitting mouth guard. Invest in a protective mouthguard designed to do just that, protect YOUR mouth. After all who is more invested in protecting the health and wellbeing of your teeth than your dentist?

Give us a call at our office to learn more about protective mouth guards and to set-up a fitting appointment prior to the start of your next season. We look forward to helping you achieve your athletic goals. You may reach our Shreveport office by calling: 318-868-4072

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