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Our objective in implementing the latest in dental technology at the Shreveport office of Cormier Family Dentistry is first and foremost to offer our patients faster and more effective service. CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics,or CEramic REConstruction) is possibly the best realization of the improvements to dental care that new dental technology provides. The CEREC system reduces the amount of office visits necessary to complete restorative treatments such as bonds, fillings, and dental crowns.  With the CEREC system we are able to treat patients in a single appointment where previously similar treatment required a week or even more to complete.

What is CEREC?

CEREC utilizes digital modeling and CAD programming to create restorations in office on the spot. The digital images are downloaded wirelessly and used to mill restorations on the spot. Previously tooth molds or digital models were sent to a production lab to be created. With CEREC restorations are modeled, created, and installed all in the same appointment.

What is treatment like?

Drs. Adam and Jana Cormier will take time to discuss the procedure and expectations for repair and healing. You will undergo a 3D imaging process to create digital models of your mouth to work from.

Once the image is created, your dentist uses CEREC software to design a restoration taking into account the form and function of your tooth. Time is taken to refine the model so that the resulting restoration will fit your mouth perfectly with little to no disruption of your natural bite.

The CEREC machine mills your restoration in office from a solid piece of ceramic using diamond burs. The dentist then takes this restoration and bonds it to the affected tooth to complete the restoration.

What are the benefits of CEREC?

The CEREC process is effective in the creation of ceramic dental crowns, dental veneers, bonds and fillings. The process allows for a single piece restoration to be crafted from tough and durable tooth-colored ceramic.

The timeliness of the CEREC process is its biggest asset. By removing the reliance on a production lab, we are able to provide custom fit restorations within a single appointment. Previously a temporary crown or other restoration would need to be worn while waiting for your restoration to be produced. These temporary devices typically were ill-fitting and caused discomfort especially when eating and drinking. With CEREC the wait time for production is cut to a quick 4-20 minutes spent waiting in office for the milling process–as opposed to the previously required week or more of waiting for the restoration to arrive from the lab.

The CEREC milling process is a more elegant solution to dental restorations. The machine allows dentists to stay engaged with patients while providing a superior product.

At Cormier Family Dentistry we are committed to adopting advancements such as CEREC in order to offer you the most convenient and effective treatment possible. If you are in need of a dental crown, bond or filling please contact our office today at 318-868-4072

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