Digital X-Rays

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Advances in technology continue to improve the overall comfort and safety of our patients. The rapid developments in digital imaging are no exception. Digital x-rays provide a safer and more convenient alternative to traditional dental x-rays. We are excited to offer the Shreveport area the latest improvements in dental technology including the added convenience of digital x-rays.


At Cormier Family Dentistry we place the safety, health and comfort of our patients at the forefront of our practice. While traditional dental x-rays emit already low radiation levels, digital x-rays reduce this risk. Digital x-rays use up to 90% less radiation than  the already low levels created by a traditional x-ray machine.

While the impact of this may not be realized by most of our regular patients, for Cormier Family Dentistry patients who require frequent imaging this greatly reduces the amount of exposure to radiation incurred. The digital x-ray images also mitigate the environmental risks created by traditional x-ray machines including radiation output and waste associated with film and developing.


Traditional dental x-rays require time for the film to develop prolonging time patients spend waiting during their appointments. Digital x-ray images are immediately accessible creating no lag time between the imaging process and our ability to evaluate the health of your teeth.

How does it work?

Digital radiography uses sensors to record images of the mouth. These sensors replace the film required to take images with traditional x-rays. Because film does not need to be developed images are immediately available, and we are even able to manipulate the range of the image ensuring that we get the image right every single time.

The initial process of a digital x-ray actually seems very similar to old school dental x-rays that utilized film for imaging. When receiving a digital x-ray, we still insert a sensor into the mouth to capture images of your teeth and jaw. This process may call to mind the bitewings and other analog x-rays of the past.

However unlike traditional x-rays, once the digital image is taken the sensor send the images to be it projected on screen for immediate review. These quick results allow us to communicate with you about your oral health quickly and effectively which results in improved overall care. Because the image is digital, we are also more readily able to enlarge and otherwise manipulate the image to allow us to communicate any inconsistencies or areas of concern more effectively to our patients.

At Cormier Family Dentistry we are always seeking the ways advancements in technology can help improve the experience of our patients. We are happy to offer digital x-rays to provide our patients with an imaging solution that bolsters safety and efficiency. X-rays are recommended for all patients as a component of their preventive care. Typically we perform x-ray imaging for patients at least once a year to help visualize the structures of your teeth and jaw. Digital x-rays afford us the opportunity to provide this imaging in a more effective way.

If you are ready to discover the comfort and convenience of digital x-rays, call our office today to set-up an appointment. We may be reached at 318-868-4072.

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