Intraoral Camera

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At Cormier Family Dentistry we aim to offer our patients the best in dental care. While also communicating well so that our patients have a full understanding of their oral health and treatment.  Imaging is an essential tool that helps us visually illustrate what is happening in your oral cavity. We invest in the best in dental technology to provide our patients with the most comprehensive set of visual aids available. Intraoral cameras are one of the many technologically advanced tools that we use to help provide our patients with the best care possible.

Improved Communications

Different imaging techniques allow us to show our patients the inner workings of theirs in a variety of different ways. The result is a comprehensive understanding of overall oral health and the interrelation of the inner structures of the mouth.

One of the best communication tools we have is the intraoral camera. This tiny camera fits inside patient mouth to show close up views of the teeth and other oral structures. Often our descriptions are not enough. With the pictures provided by the intraoral camera we are able to show patients exactly what we see when we examine their mouths.

By using the intraoral camera in conjunction with other imaging resources we offer our patients a full understanding of their personal oral health. This high level of communication helps make us partners with our patients in caring for oral wellness. We are able to have better informed conversations about prevention and treatment. This results in better overall oral health outcomes for our Shreveport patients.

Diagnostic Benefits

Intraoral cameras also offer us a wonderful diagnostic tool. The expanded vision created by the intraoral camera helps dentists get a better view of the mouth. This allows us improve diagnostic potential. We are able to zoom in on the mouth’s structures and have better access and vision of the mouth than are provided with the naked eye. With an intraoral camera we are better able to diagnose ongoing issues and uncover problems early in their development.

Multiple Views-Intraoral camera many views of the mouth including the distal upper last molar, the buccal of the upper last molar, the lingual surface of the lower anterior teeth, the full lower arch, full-face photo.

Focus-Intraoral camera allows us to focus in on areas of mouth giving us a clear and unfettered view of the inner structures of the mouth.

Freeze Frame-We are able to freeze the frame to capture an image. From here we are able to magnify the image to get a closer look at what is happening.

Simultaneous Display-We are able to show multiple images to compare.

At Cormier Family Dentistry we are eager to use technological advances like the intraoral camera to communicate effectively with our patients and offer unparalleled care. Whether used as part of preventive care or in conjunction with a restorative procedure, the intraoral camera offers us the opportunity to offer our patients superior care.

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