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Dental x-rays are an effective tool used to discover existing cavities and decay. However normal dental x-rays don’t always offer a full picture of oral health. For problems not related to your teeth, Panorex offers a dental x-ray that allows the dental professionals at Cormier Family Dentistry to view the entire oral cavity. Panorex x-rays take a panoramic image of the entire mouth in just a few seconds.

A Panorex x-ray provides a single image of the oral cavity that includes all of the teeth and surrounding bones. The result is a full mouth x-ray that gives a comprehensive picture of your mouth. The Panorex allows views of the upper and lower jawbone, the temporomandibular joints, the nasal sinus cavity and associated bone, and the mandibular nerve–this important facial nerve communicates sensation throughout the teeth, gums, and lower jaw. This unparalleled vision of the mouth allows us to see how your oral structures work together, identify possible problem areas, and provide you with the oral health care your require.

What is getting a Panorex x-ray like?

Like a traditional x-ray, you will be required to wear a lead apron to protect you from radiation. You will stand in the middle of the Panorex machine as it rotates in a half circle to capture a single image of your oral cavity. The process only lasts a few seconds. You will need to remain completely still during the x-ray.

What does the Panorex help diagnose?

The Panorex helps provide your dentist with a complete view of your mouth. This comprehensive image helps dentists identify cysts and tumors that might be related to oral cancer or other medical conditions. The panorex also helps proved a better picture of the TMJ and to make the diagnosis of temporomandibular disorder (TMD). The image may also be used to identify fractures and other trauma to bone of the jaw.

What are the limitations of the Panorex?

The Panorex x-ray is a great tool to show the entirety of your mouth, however the image does not capture as much detail as a typical x-ray. Other images will need to be taken to double check for cavities and other items that might be missed in the Panorex x-ray.

A Panorex x-ray is a useful tool that we use at our Shreveport office in conjunction other diagnostic tools like digital x-rays. The better view of your oral cavity helps us to understand your overall oral health and diagnose possible issues before they become a problem.

We recommend our patients get Panorex x-rays at least once a year as part of your regular check-ups to help us to diagnose problems early and provide you with the best oral health care possible. X-ray imaging is an important piece of a course of regular preventive care that also includes regular cleanings and visual assessments to monitor and maintain great oral health.

To set-up a preventive check-up with a Panorex scan at our Shreveport office please call us at 318-868-4072

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