Nitrous Oxide

in Shreveport

Dental appointments cause anxiety for many patients. Whether you simply have anxiety about normal dental care or are dreading a complex dental procedure, hesitations about dental appointments can cause you to neglect necessary oral health care. At Cormier Family Dentistry we know that early intervention is critical to maintain optimal oral health. We want you to make and keep your dental appointments, but recognize that dental anxiety is a powerful foe. We offer our patients several sedation techniques designed to make each dental appointment a relaxing experience.

One of the methods we use at our Shreveport office during appointments is nitrous oxide. Nitrous oxide, sometimes referred to as laughing gas, is the most common form of sedation dentists use to help increase patient calm during dental visits.

How does nitrous oxide work?

When inhaled nitrous oxide creates a euphoric calm in most patients. The naturally occurring gas has been used for anesthetic purposes in dentistry since the mid-1800s. While not all patients experience the calm associated with nitrous oxide, most patients fall into a deeply calm state after inhaling the gas prior to a procedure. This allows the dentist more access to the mouth resulting in faster procedures and improved outcomes.

We will administer the nitrous oxide gas at the beginning of your appointment at our Shreveport office. Nitrous oxide gas is inhaled through a mask under the supervision of the dentist. As a result of inhalation you will drift into a euphoric state that leaves you completely relaxed for your procedure. Inhalation of nitrous oxide alleviates the feelings of fear and anxiety associated with your visit. Once you have received the nitrous oxide gas you will be able to sit peacefully for the duration of your procedure.

Is nitrous oxide right for me?

Sedation by nitrous oxide is incredibly safe and very effective for most patients. Nitrous oxide is used as a calming agent in dental offices every day. Unlike other more powerful sedation dentistry methods, nitrous oxide wears off quickly once your procedure has been completed. You will be able to return to your daily activities without ill-effect; most patients are even able to drive themselves home after their dental appointments.

As with all sedation dentistry methods, we do require a preliminary appointment to determine if nitrous oxide may be used safely and effectively for you. We will take a full health history. Please be sure to mention if you have had poor outcomes with other sedation techniques or anesthesia. While nitrous oxide is safe and extremely effective for most patients, not everyone reacts the same to the treatment. Occasionally patients do not feel or enjoy the anesthetic effects. For those with a history of poor reactions to sedation methods, an alternative calming method may be recommended.

If you have been putting off necessary oral health care because of anxiety or fear of the dentist, please consider sedation dentistry and nitrous oxide as a solution for your anxieties. Oral health depends on timely care; delaying necessary appointment will only increase your health risks and leave you vulnerable to further problems.

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