XG3D Cone Beam Scanner

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At Cormier Family Dentistry we look to new technology to enhance patient experience and improve our treatment methods. Many of today’s most innovative dental solutions stem from advances in 3D imaging. 3D imaging allows Drs. Adam and Jana Cormier to create highly detailed models of our patients’ mouths, teeth and jaws allowing unprecedented accuracy when evaluating oral health and creating necessary restorations.

The XG3D Cone Beam Scanner is a remarkable new scanner that allows us to capture nuanced three dimensional images that aid in patient education. The images also provide enhanced imagery and information for our professional dental staff to work from when completing complex restorations like dental implants.

How is the XG3D system different?

The XG3D Cone Beam Scanner collects data using a rotating scanner. The scans are quick, non-invasive and incredibly efficient at supplying three dimensional data. As an added benefit the XG3D system emits far less radiation than traditional x-ray machines, creating a safer environment for patients at our Shreveport office. The 3D images offer advanced imagery and detail that helps create a more comprehensive portrait of the mouth’s structures.

The XG3D offers our patients so much more than traditional x-rays. The 3D models not only reveal the structure and placement of the teeth, they also offer patients a unobstructed view of facial nerves as well as the underlying bone structure. This unprecedented and in depth information allows us to customize your dental care to protect nerve endings when placing restorations and appliances. This helps reduce pain and expedites the healing process.

What is the process like?

Scans taken with the XG3D Cone Beam Scanner last less than a quarter of a minute. The instantaneous results may be reviewed immediately by your dentist. Unlike a traditional 2D x-rays, XG3D Cone Beam Scanner generated images are robust and versatile. The scans offer your dentist the ability to manipulate the 3D imaging on screen to illustrate diagnoses. The models may also be used to help patients visualize treatment. Your dentist will take time to walk you through your digital images from different viewpoints and discuss various treatment option available for any diagnosed problems.

For patients who need dental implants as part of treatment, your surgery may be planned entirely using the software. The XG3D Cone Beam Scanner images help to determine ideal placement of the implants and may be used to create a highly accurate surgical model that results in precise and effective surgery. The XG3D Cone Beam Scanner may be used in conjunction with CEREC to produce a realistic and complementary ceramic tooth in office prior to the installation of the implant. Having this tooth at the time of installation of the implant helps guide appropriate placement during surgery.

We are always excited to share and demonstrate the latest in dental technology at our offices near Minden. If you are interested in the versatility and comfort the XG3D Cone Beam Scanner has to offer, call us to set-up an appointment today by calling 318-868-4072.

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